Monday, September 9, 2013

A new direction, but still seeing God's work

I had to take a step away from the blog and adoption scene for a bit. I wanted everyone to know that miracles happen everyday. While it seemed as though the world had stopped in one area of our lives, it was full steam ahead in others. This spring and summer has proven to be a busy, challenging, and exciting time with work. We also have added another miracle to our family. Baby number seven was delivered at the end of April and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful natural birth and adorable bundle of joy than we have been blessed with with our baby boy. For now, our family is complete and I will be busy being mama to my beautiful children. Slowly, we are returning to a new normal among work, late nights, breastfeeding around the clock, karate, soccer, and homeschooling.

We have learned many things over the last year. First and foremost, God's will may take you places you never expected and may make twists and turns that test your faith and forge you into something greater. Among the negativity and lost friendships, new friendships and hope can spring forth. I pray that though our adoption could not proceed, God continues to show us how He is working in these children's lives, and that we are able to continue to be some small part of God's plan.

For those that still occasionally follow this page, thank you for your support through it all. I am planning on taking it in a different direction. I am working on expanding it and sharing many aspects of my life. I hope that I can help others by sharing my experiences with adoption, but also in homeschooling, nursing, travel, running, gardening, and even the stories of chickens and children! My life has already been so blessed and so full. Please check back in from time to time and join in the tears, joy, and hilarity of it all.

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  1. I do hope something works out for your adoption journey. I am sorry that things didn't work out earlier. I do know that Project Hopeful and Show Hope help out with adoption costs. I know that Children's House International is a good agency, and so is Holt. I hear that Bethany is very picky with who they work with and they are also slow. Hands Across the Water isn't good.